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Jay Chang by zerofinite
Jay Chang


♕ Name : Chang, Jay
♕ Age / Year : 18 / Third Year
♕ Birthday : April 16
♕ Nationality : American
♕ Weight / Height : 181 cm / 72 kg


♕ Regular or Scholarship Student : Regular
♕ Club : Music
♕ Class : ---
♕ How he got into Shinhwa : He has the money and the performance in middle school to set himself apart as a member of a nationally acclaimed orchestral unit. Plus he’s got brains, which helps.


♕ Amiable / Confident / Dedicated / Sassy / Shallow / Smart

With bursting confidence bordering on arrogance, Jay portrays himself as an amiable, gregarious guy who wants to know everything but doesn’t want to spend too much effort in the task. He’s dedicated to his studies and friends, and has become a master at rotating through the three S’s of social life, studying, and sleep. With his mind working so fast, he can get annoyed at others who don’t see his points as clearly as he does, no thanks to his terrible communication skills, and then gets sassy and sarcastic in response. Perhaps foolishly, he places a ton of emphasis on appearance both for himself and others, so he will make an attempt to appear positive and encouraging despite what thoughts he might be harboring underneath that facade. That, and he is incredibly shallow when it comes to physical appearances.


The Changs were an entrepreneurial family that hailed from both Korea and China, but had settled in the United States for its A+ education and prestige. Jay was born as a single child to parents that both worked in their own family owned business and was spoiled like a prince with affection. Money was never a problem but the parents did express restraint when it came to purchasing and doting for the child. Thus, he attended public school in a very Asian rich community, starting from kindergarten all the way up to the 8th grade. Competition was always high, and he was expected to always set/destroy the curve in every subject, including PE. Thanks to his naturally gifted mind, the academics came easy to him and he was able to put some energy into the musical field, learning several stringed instruments but never wanting to sing because that would be a terrible way to promote his image. He was quite a prodigy in his little school and found out that there were charter schools that he was supposed to compete against for college and nearly shed a tear but through hard work and extensive practice, he found himself at least if not more than on par with the competition.

In order to go to the most esteemed of schools on the East Coast, he had to set himself apart more than just with music, but also with academic excellence. The high schools in his region were quite good, but nothing like the premier academies that cost an arm and a leg to attend and expelled students who were not good enough to continue. His parents sat him down and discussed his future options, then prompted him to take a look at a particular international school with an obscure name that he had heard of once but not in the context of academia. It had favorable reviews, especially by upper level institutions, and so he prepared himself for the transition.

With such an affluent family support behind his back, money was not an issue, but the entrance exam was. The pamphlet wasn’t kidding when it had warned that this test was one of the hardest in the nation. He sat the exam and proceeded to get his ass handed to him on a plate, or so he thought as he exited the test hall and stumbled on into the weekend. After three months of anxious waiting in which he may or may not have forgotten about the exam, a letter came in the mail because prestigious institutions liked paper mail and his mother opened it while he was at school. He had actually performed pretty well and was accepted into the school. He came home to a very happy family.

The first year of schooling at Shinhwa High School was a series of adaptation and learning how to deal with people from all nations in a setting where failure was not an option. Everybody was smart and now he had to study twice as hard in order to stay on top of the pile. His musical talent showed itself again during his quiet breaks as he would retreat to the music room to console his frayed nerves with music. He survived his first year, and then the second. Now it’s his third year and possibly graduation if he keeps his act together and writes good personal essays to the colleges while having very positive letters of recommendation from the professors he has come to respect.


♕ Likes / Dislikes
+ Name brands like Givenchy and London
+ Every sugary drink out there
+ Fast food, slow food, good food, all food
+ Video games
+ Accessories such as scarves
- Call him oppa and say goodbye to your rapport
- Girls who are cute in a not cute way
- A lot of exercise
- Temperatures that are not near room temperature
- Repetition

♕ Additional Info
- Carries that judging look most of the time
- Chinese/Korean descent, born in America land of the free wifi
- Plays violin, guitar, and piano
- Many piercings and rings and necklaces
- Doesn’t eat all that much
- Wears contacts, has black framed eyeglasses
- Wants to study in Britain and take a trip around Europe
- Does not really want to be a kpop star, he has already discussed this
- Can dance and sing, but the prospect of starving himself doesn't sound too good

♕ Relationships
- Mae Roxbury

♕ RP : Skype, Google docs, Chat
Gale Lyons by zerofinite
Gale Lyons
:iconascendant-astraea: HE'S A PIRATE- on some days. Still WIP on the extra section.


♦ Name: Gale Lyons
♦ Gender: Male
♦ Age: 30
♦ Height: 6’1”
♦ Weight: 175 lbs
♦ Occupation: Actor
♦ Residence: Studio or on set, has a small flat in upscale Astraea


♦ Species: Glalie
♦ Type: Ice
♦ Ability: Inner Focus
♦ Moveset: Crunch, Ice Fang, Sheer Cold, Leer
♦ Nature: Lonely
♦ Characteristic: Somewhat vain



At the surface, he is calm and easygoing, easily able to charm his way through difficult situations while maintaining a cool exterior. As becoming of an actor, his face can change from a glassy, smooth image at times, to a calculating, shrewd figure when the situation calls for it. Generally, he has control over this moodiness. He maintains a mildly cynical view, preferring to do most things by himself. 


Growing up in a northern family that never had much chance for success, the young Snorunt was exposed to the harshness of life at a young age. His parents were able to secure jobs outside the city and thus set the foot in the door for their child to open completely. He loved the city and was interested in its diverse culture and history, enough to make him want to contribute to the mix by working hard in the field of acting with all of its cutthroat tendencies. Through hard work and a lot of kissing ass/networking, he emerged as a versatile, in demand actor who starred in a number of Astraean produced movies.


♦ Orientation: Who knows.
♦ Relationship Status: Who knows.
♦ Relationships: Needs some.
♦ Miscellaneous:
    - As an actor, he changes faces and clothing quite often
    - The bottom part of his mask has been broken and he does not want to tell you why
    - Seemingly cavalier but don't mistake his cheerfulness for idiocy


♦ Method: Skype, Google docs, Chat
♦ Secondary method: Pick one of the three above.
♦ Starter: Acceptable
♦ Boundaries: I'm not him and he's not me.
♦ Language: English

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