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IB | Marcus Donovan by zerofinite
IB | Marcus Donovan

The angriest Hufflepuff you will ever meet.

Name: Marcus Donovan
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Birthday: 8 April, 1999
House: Hufflepuff
Year: 6th
Blood status: Half blood
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 147 lbs


Brash, bold, and perhaps overly confident, this boy is a menace to those around him with his piss poor attitude and meager contributions to society. He has the lion heart of a warrior that stems from his unwavering loyalty to his comrades. He is dedicated to those who have earned his trust and highly judgmental of those who have not. He will never leave a man behind and will instead search for alternate methods in order for all of his team to succeed, thus making him an adaptive fellow who is opportunistic and stubbornly optimistic. Working hard is in his nature, as are setting high standards and never accepting defeat. He is proud of himself and will celebrate the successes of others, but sometimes broods over not grabbing the glory for himself. What others can find in him is a steadfast firey companion who will always be reliable, and if not a good friend, an acceptable accomplice.


Marcus was born to Muggle Elizabeth Taylor Donovan and some scumbag father on the 8th of April, 1999. His mother, given a child without child support or any help at all from the father, had little idea what to do with such a rambunctious toddler as Marcus, yet took care of her son as best as she could while balancing two full time jobs. Thankfully, her father, Sir Bradley Donovan, had time to volunteer to take care of his grandson. The boy spent many an afternoon in the galleries of the IMF museums near London as his grandfather was one of the curators. On one such trip, he accidentally moved a truck that was on display an inch to the right which went unnoticed by his grandfather. One of the ways in which the family guided his short attention span was in the Scouts program, a program that he loved with all of its short classes and many badges. They found that he was highly talented with his hands, being a kinesthetic learner, and also incredibly competitive to the point where he had to have the most shiny badges on his sash or he'd die. Thus, the years passed with no one being the wiser, until the spring of his eleventh birthday when the family received the shock of their lives.

Marcus was just blowing out the single candle on his slice of birthday cake when a loud thump slammed at the door. A rather peckish little owl had attempted to fly full speed into the glass window of the stout door and was flapping quite distressedly around on the cold hard ground where a sizable envelope had been delivered. Curious, the young boy swathed the stricken owl in a blanket despite receiving a number of lacerations on his forearms and edged towards the mysterious envelope. He was sure his schoolmates were playing a prank on him. To his surprise, it was addressed to him! Go to a newfangled school of what? Was this a birthday party invitation? He quickly handed it over to his mum, for what did an eleven year old need junk mail for? At the end of the day right before his mum tucked him in for the night, they heard yet another thump at the door. Unbelievably, another owl had arrived with a bright pink envelope addressed again to the birthday boy. Inside, a certain Ms. Quibbleton explained the situation briefly and suggested that they meet the next day to discuss the details further. Ms. Donovan, being open minded albeit confused beyond comprehension, decided to take the woman up on her offer.

Ms. Quibbleton explained in a rush that Hogwarts was a school for gifted children and no, the letter was not incorrectly addressed, and yes, Marcus was a wizard. What? Yer' a wizard, Marcus. Apparently, his absent father had been one of magical blood and he had inherited the talent. Things still didn't make sense but open minded Ms. Donovan decided to go to this fantastical Diagon Alley and by the mother of all that was holy did the place blow their minds. Now a convert, the boy counted down the very hours until he left and was way too excited to board the train. His little half blood mind was repeatedly blown by the magical world that he didn't know existed, all the way until he had to sit in a freaking long line and wait forever to be called up by a beat up hat with a face. Gryffindor, definitely Gryffindor with the lions and and bravery and greatness, or Ravenclaw, yeah he was smart- Slytherin was pretty slick too- wait what?Hufflepuff? What- no way- the loser House? What...?

Dazed and confused by what the heck had just happened, the boy stumbled into a collection of the absolute strangest people he had ever met. The first week was rough. He totally underestimated the House of the Badgers and was destroyed by the sheer amount of homework. He racked up so many detentions, he might have set a new school record. He found out to his dismay that he sucked at magic. Utterly, completely, abysmally sucked. He could not make a feather freaking leviOHsah anywhere, much less brew potions without singeing off his eyebrows. What he did figure out was that oh boy could he fly and holy shit- animals! Plants too, but motherfucking ANIMALS! His poor magical abilities could be compensated with ungodly amounts of practise and offset by splendid performance in subjects that didn't need magic. Or long attention spans. He even became a....wait for it... a cool Hufflepuff! That summer, he returned home bearing great news and waited desperately for the second year to begin.

In second year, he began the semester by incinerating a plant in Herbology and flooding the boys second floor latrine during a break. Through hard work, the boy managed to improve his wizarding skills and could afford to cast magic that wasnt particularly helpful to others. He even made it to tryouts on the House Quidditch team and sat as a bench player who was able to help train the super talented regular team during practise. At any competition, he was the one decked in bumblebee colours and casting sonorous spells to make the Hufflepuff supporters sound beastly loud. Things got better in 3rd year when he learned how to study and were straight up fabulous in 4th year when he finally made the real Quidditch team as a Beater. 5th year OWLs hurt his brain but he passed most of them, "passed" emphasized strongly. Except for nearly dying in a series of macabre events, he had a good time at Hogwarts.

Now begins his 6th year at Hogwarts. He has by now developed a ferocious loyalty to his most awesome housemates and possesses commendable skills in athletics and combatives. He hopes to survive this year with minimal damage and just pass the exams at the end. And be really cool. Always the coolest. 

Wand: 11 3/4 rowan, dragon heartstring, firm.


+ Quidditch, CoMC, DADA, risks, Hufflepuff
- Assholes who pick on his friends, assholes who cheat, assholes who are annoyingly tall and RUB IT IN


- CoMC
- Muggle Studies


- Protego
- Expulso
- Impedimentia
- Accio
- Agua Eructo
- Wingardium Leviosa (recently mastered!)


- Elizabeth Taylor Donovan (mother)
- Sir Bradley Donovan (grandfather)


- none because he is a loser


- Good at Muggle magic tricks
- Good at CoMC and Herbology but loathes the latter
- Very sensitive about his mum
- Diagnosed with ADHD 

RP: Skype zerofinite (kind of slow, pardon)

B9 | Reunion by zerofinite
B9 | Reunion
For the end. Painted this a while back before I left for basic but here you are eue.

Skye is Tiny-Zombutt's
Marc is mine.
IB | Lucianne S. Darcy by zerofinite
IB | Lucianne S. Darcy


NAME: Lucianne S. Darcy
AGE: Thirteen
GENDER: Female
HEIGHT/WEIGHT: 157 cm / 45 kg
HOUSE: Ravenclaw
YEAR: Third


Inquisitive | Impish | Intelligent | Insecure | Impatient | Idealistic | Imaginative

This young girl always looks for things to entertain her burning mind, never ceasing to explore every avenue open to her before selecting an option to pursue. Her intelligence makes her idealistic and impatient, as she does not quite understand why not everyone thinks at her level or knows exactly what she is thinking about at all times. Her mind runs so quickly that if someone is a split second too slow to react to her outbursts of ideas, she may believe that she has done something wrong to cause them to pause ever so painfully slowly. She must always strive to be number one in every subject she studies lest she bear the embarrassment of being in the wrong and thus not as accomplished as she thinks everyone else believes she is.


Born to a family of accomplished wizards, Lucianne was groomed to become a smart little witch who had both the looks and the skills to make the world do her bidding. From the age of four, she was recognized as one of magical blood when she unsuspectingly made the family cat float up into the cavernous ceiling of the Darcy mansion. After rescuing the disgruntled feline, Mr. And Mrs. Darcy began guiding their princess child in the world of magic, reading her fairytales that taught moderation and prudence alongside fantasy and happily ever afters. Her nanny, Ms. Whittaker, monitored her progress daily as the child advanced out of toddlerhood. She reported quite happily that the child was both obedient and intelligent, news that delighted the pair of Ravenclaw parents, and also that the child had a penchant for levitating objects of various sizes.

As the years passed, the little princess grew into a more adventurous, less prudent child who managed to find a hundred and one ways to get into trouble, both with and without magic. She remained well learned in her studies, being studious when the situation demanded her to sit down and study, and realized that she had a voracious appetite for books, even those concerning deathly boring topics that most other youngsters her age would refuse like brussel sprouts. The family estate encompassed enough land that she became a qualified equestrian of both the regular and magical variety, placing in dressage higher than many kids her age. Her grandparents attempted to introduce her to the sport of Quidditch, but she refused the small saddle that was so different from her usual broad one. Riding one mount was good enough for her.

In the summer of her eleventh year, she received a letter from Hogwarts inviting her to attend the school in the autumn. It was to be expected, and so the family spent an exciting day in the shops of Diagon Alley procuring the finest supplies for its little pride and joy. She was whisked off onto the train and sent into a school that appeared to be infalliable, impenetrable to any threat conceivable. The sorting hat placed her into Ravenclaw without much hesitation and so the first year passed without incident. She finished at the top of her first year class in subjeccts she deemed interesting, and had to leave first place to others in the classes she thought were boring or required manual labor to succeed. Competing against her Ravenclaw mates was the most infuriating part of her school year, as she had never been exposed to that type of intense competition before. It was a wake up call that she remembered for next year.

Her second year was filled with disaster after disaster as something insidious had penetrated the security of the castle fortress. Her once glorious grades plummeted in direct correlation with the situation in the school and she did not rank well against her peers, well, as compared to the letters of the previous year. Passable was simply not acceptable.

This year, she swears to raise herself higher than ever before, despite thirteen being an unlucky number. With her godfather out of custody and cleared of most charges, she believes that it is a sign that this year is the year to kick ass and chew bubblegum, politely of course, as becoming of a princess.

A D D I T I O N A L    I N F O R M A T I O N

+ Wizard Chess
+ Horses
+ Afternoon tea
- Insolence
- Disrespect
- Scary stories

Stephen A. Darcy- Father
Charlotte M. Darcy- Mother
Jill Whittaker- Nanny

- Ancient Runes
- Arithmancy
- Magical Theory

- Protego
- Wingardium Leviosa
- Episkey

10 1/2 inches, Unicorn hair core, Dogwood, Supple, with an inset sapphire in the handle.

- Has a godfather who is close friends with her father
- Deeply loves her long haired calico cat, Firewhisky.
- Enjoys changing hair styles.

RP INFORMATION:- Text via phone, feel free to ask for my number through note if you're comfortable enough to exchange numbers. Warning, very slow. I'm still in training. Skype (ZEROFINITE) is equally slow oops.

Character is mine, illest belongs to its creators, app as well.

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